Y'all have got to stop by Larry P's! I called ahead & ordered 10 lbs of boiled shrimp yesterday for dinner. Got an amazing price for that plus corn & potatoes. 4 adults ate it last night & 3 of us had it again tonight & still about half a lb left. Great sized shrimp & the best flavor I've ever had! I promise y'all will not be disappointed.

Brooke L

I ABSOLUTELY love this place...the food is always fresh and Larry and his family are super friendly! I’m so glad to have seafood boiled right—the south Louisiana way! ...and don’t get me started on the snowballs—they are PERFECT with so many flavors to choose from.

Eugee R

From the crawfish, to the blue crab, to the god forsaken bluebell ice cream stuffed NOLA style snowballs that have you shaking your head in disbelief at how good every bite is. I highly recommend giving this place a shot.

Robin R

OMG!! Larry P’s Boiling Pot! I felt like I just brought Nawlin’s home with us! The seafood platters were the perfect taste for our sweet girl’s birthday! We are stuffed! Good food and great customer service from day one!

Bridget L

Great crawfish! I don't like my crawfish too hot, and these were perfect. Very well spiced that you could actually taste the cloves and lemons...not just the boil mix. Convent to South Bossier. I will definitely be back to try the shrimp!

Kristen H

I have not tried the crawfish yet but let me tell you they smelled A-mazing today when I stopped by for what was my first of what will definitely be many snowballs!!! Mr Larry P him self whipped me up a couple and they absolutely did not disappoint!! Will be back!!

Amber B

The perfect boiled crawfish has been hard to find in this area until now! My family is from Avoyelles parish and I know good boiled crawfish when I taste it. This is it! Larry knows what’s up! The seasoning is perfect and the service is excellent!

Aimee B

Best Snoballs this side of NOLA!! Softest ice & best flavors... plus, those custom &/or stuffed Snoballs that nobody else even attempts. So glad to have a true taste of home nearby. Don’t call them sno-cones either... there is a difference!

Jennifer D

Holy cow! His SnoBalls are to die for! Huge fan and highly recommend!! It's our family's new addiction! And he's super personable and friendly!

Megan S

Everything was so good! We’ve tried crawfish, gumbo, red beans with sausage, crawfish pie, and alligator sausage. It’s all amazing! Can’t go wrong here.

Chelsea G

Picked up my ice chest special yesterday, it was ready when they promised, crawfish were seasoned perfectly, great size. Highly recommend this place. Will definitely be doing business with them again!!!!

Dennis B

Absolutely love Larry P’s!! Had the $25 Cajun combo, it was just right and perfectly seasoned. Will definitely be going back for more in the near future. Highly recommend!!! And this is coming from the crawfish queen

Casey F

Larry has the best sno balls in town and the seafood is awesome as well! Pure satisfaction!

Sarah W

I got crawfish, shrimp, crab legs, corn, and potatoes. Every bit of it was amazing!

Brittany S

Best crawfish, shrimp, crab legs, potatoes, corn and sausage ever!!! I've had crawfish everywhere in the Shreveport/Bossier ever and these are the best by far. Everyone I've suggested LarryP's to has agreed.

Cory S

My husband and I moved from Texas so we were new to the area and found out about LarryP's and we go at least once a week because his food is just that good! The crawfish and crab leg seasoning was the best I've had!

Kanisha W

Best crawfish, crab legs, and shrimp in town! I'll definitely come back every crawfish season.

Aaron W